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For pricing on the book version of The TCP/IP Guide please see the book ordering page. The rest of this page pertains to download orders of the electronic version.

The pricing for new orders of download copies of The TCP/IP Guide is $34.99.

All prices are in United States dollars.

Discounts apply to purchases of multiple copies of The TCP/IP Guide. The following table shows the discounts available based on volume:

Number of Licenses Ordered


















Please contact me for a specific quote to meet your needs, custom pricing for special circumstances, or a quote for site licenses or very large quantities.


Upgrades and Upgrade Pricing

To show my appreciation for those who support my efforts, anyone who purchases The TCP/IP Guide for the regular price once is thereafter entitled to upgrades either for free or at a significant discount. Here is how upgrade pricing works:

  • Minor Upgrades: Downloads of upgrades to minor revisions of The TCP/IP Guide are free.
  • Major Upgrades: Downloads of major revisions to The TCP/IP Guide are half of the then-current price for a new order. So, a single download upgrade would be $17.49. This 50% reduction also applies to volume discounts for orders of 5 or more; so a download upgrade of a 20-seat license would have a 20% discount off the price of 20 individual licenses, and then a further 50% discount (for the upgrade.)

A minor revision is any version of the Guide where only the minor revision number (to the right of the decimal) has changed since the purchased version; any later versions are major revisions. For example, if you purchased version 3.1 of The TCP/IP Guide, you would be entitled to download versions 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and so forth for free. Version 4.0 and higher would be half-price. After purchasing a half-price upgrade, the same rules then apply for subsequent upgrades. So, if you upgraded to version 4.0 for half-price, versions 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and so forth would be free, while versions 5.0 and higher would be half the current price of a new order.

NOTE: The rules above do not apply to versions 2.0 and 3.0. These versions contains hundreds of fixes and minor enhancements, but are available for free download to anyone who purchased earlier versions. Please contact me for a password.

If you have any questions on upgrades or upgrade pricing, please contact me.

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