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Ordering The TCP/IP Guide Book

Ever since I wrote The TCP/IP Guide, fans of the material have been asking me if it was available in book form. Now, after a year and half of hard work by both myself and publisher No Starch Press, I can finally say, yes!

The book is called, naturally, The TCP/IP Guide. It is a hardcover, professionally bound book that is 1,616 pages in length and includes the same basic content as version 3.0 of the electronic edition of The TCP/IP Guide. It has the same text and diagrams (in black and white) and adds a full index.

The book is being distributed through normal commercial channels and should be available through most online and brick and mortar book stores. The list price of the book $99.95 in the United States, but it is available for much lower prices at many online discounters. For example, it is currently around $60 at I have an associate's account at Amazon, so if you are planning to order it from them, please click here; I will get a couple of extra bucks that way. But if you live in the United States, why not order it from me directly!

The cost to buy the book from this site is $74.99 $69.99, which includes book rate shipping in the US, a free download copy of the electronic version of The TCP/IP, and other benefits. An upgrade to priority mail shipping (2-3 days anywhere in the US) is $15 more, for a total of $89.99 $84.99. (Please also note that the priority option provides faster mail service, and I attempt to get those orders out as soon as possible, but since I am just one person, I cannot always fill all orders immediately. Please place genuine rush orders with sites like Amazon. Thanks for your understanding.)

So why pay more to buy the book from me rather than Amazon?

  • Good Karma: One reason to buy from me is that more of your funds will go to support me--you know, the little guy who actually wrote the book--and less to a faceless multi-billion-dollar retailer.
  • Free Electronic Version: In addition to the book, you'll get a password to download the electronic (PDF) version of The TCP/IP Guide. You can store this on your hard drive, or burn it to a CD, allowing you to "lighten your load" when traveling, view the diagrams in full color, use the instant search engine, or enjoy any of the other benefits of an electronic text.
  • Autographing/Dedication: As the author, upon request, I'll be happy to autograph or personalize the book for you! Just drop me a line after placing your order.

Please note that I only sell books to US residents. The main reason is that the book is heavy, and shipping it overseas would result in very high shipping charges, plus potential customs and duty issues, making it in most cases easier for non-US readers to just buy the book locally.

If you decide to proceed, then I thank you and request that you please follow the instructions below to place your order. Please consult the FAQ if you have any questions, or contact me if you need assistance.

My primary payment method is now PayPal, the most widely used electronic payment processor on the Internet. PayPal allows you to make purchases quickly and easily whether or not you have a PayPal account.

To purchase a single book with free economy shipping for $74.99 $69.99 or with priority shipping for $89.99 $84.99, please click either of the buttons below to be taken to the PayPal site, where you can pay using your account or a debit/credit card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure to include your shipping address in the comment field within the PayPal transaction, or send it to me by email. For some reason PayPal sometimes does not include the address, and then I don't know where to send the book to!

Also, as another reminder, I can only ship books within the United States.

For regular shipping, please allow two weeks for receipt of your book; for priority shipping, one week. (Books may get there sooner, though.) If you haven't received your book within the appropriate timeframe, please contact me and I'll try to figure out what's happened.

If you can't or do not want to use PayPal, the alternative is payment by mail. Again, please note that I do not ship books overseas. For payment by mail:

  • Please send either $74.99 $69.99 (free economy shipping, up to 7 days) or $89.99 $84.99 (priority shipping, 2-3 days after shipment is processed) in U.S. funds only, to the address below. Funds must be in the form of a certified check or money order, payable to Charles M. Kozierok. I will accept U.S. dollar cash (bills only) but this is not recommended; you send it at your risk. The address to send to is:

    Charles M. Kozierok
    PO Box 476
    North Bennington, VT

  • Make sure that your letter contains a clear indication of the address to which I am sending the book. If it's not clear there will be a delay while I email you to find out the address, because I won't just use the return address on the envelope. You can say "use the address on the check" if you like.
  • For economy shipping, please allow two weeks from the time you send payment until the book arrives. For priority shipping, it should take a little over a week. If after 2-3 weeks your order has not arrived, please contact me.
  • Note that this is a PO box and is not checked daily, so this option is not recommended if you are in a hurry. Thanks  for understanding.

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