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The following are a few examples for the configuration of Solaris 10 Zones. Currently with a focus on Resource Controls.
Note: This document is not written by Sun.
Brendan Gregg, 07-May-2006, version 2.31.


I no longer maintain this content, and moved it to a wiki so that others can. It was also split into the following pages: All on the Solaris Internals Performance Wiki.

I've included my original content below for historical interest, which was last updated in 2006.

What is a Zone?

A large SunFire server with hardware domains allows many isolated systems to be created. Zones achieve this in software and is far more flexible - it is easy to move individual CPUs between zones as needed, or to configure a more sophisticated way to share CPUs and memory.


Operating Systems

This document is based on the first customer release of Solaris 10. In the later revisions, many of the commands and syntax may be improved. Check the "what's new" sections on to keep up to date with changes.


The following are examples that demonstrate a particular function of Zones.

Further Info

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Created: 12-Jan-2005
Last updated: 24-May-2006
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