Thinking in Erlang

One day Erlang training.

This training should get you started with Erlang and understand how to design a highly available distributed system. Because there is only one day, we focus on the essential concepts and skip over many details that are not necessary to understand those concepts.

After learning the basics and doing a few exercises we will start writing a simple chat client and server and improve it as we learn new things.

At the end of this training you should be able to:

  • Install Erlang
  • Have basic knowledge of the Erlang language
  • Understand concurrency and message passing
  • Learn how to handle errors
  • Understand how to build highly available systems

Price and registration

This training is designed to target a large number of people. Because of this, the training is cheaper than most alternatives. Its price is variable, depending on location and sponsoring opportunities, but should not be greater than 100€ per student.

All sessions of the Thinking in Erlang training must be co-organized by a sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to help find students, find a room where the training will take place and handle any other logistics. In return, the sponsor gains visibility, and can even have a few of their people trained without extra fees.

If you would like to co-organize a session of Thinking in Erlang, please drop us a message.

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