Loïc Hoguin is generally available for consulting. Base rates are at 250 € HT or 300 $ an hour on-site, and 170 € HT or 200 $ an hour remotely (phone, IRC, ...). The price in dollars may be subject to small variations based on exchange rate.

The on-site rates do not include expenses related to transport and accomodations.

We are of course open to discussion. Send us an email with your budget and we will try our best to make it happen!


You can sponsor our work and help us continue building great projects that benefit you and everyone else.

Sponsors send us money every month (the very minimum is 200€; there is no upper limit) and in exchange get a number of perks. Every month an invoice can be delivered if required. Similarly, a contract may be signed if required, although we will never require it. The writing of the contract must be done by the sponsor.

Sponsors can request that a particular version of a project be maintained indefinitely (as long as they are sponsoring). This means fixes will be backported.

Sponsors can have a direct, private line of communication. Their concerns take greater precedence than non-critical other issues.

Sponsors get priority for consulting or training needs.

Sponsors can get their name associated with one of the project. This is essentially advertisement through sponsoring. They would be featured in the README of the project which is viewed by hundreds of developers daily. This is optional and at the request of the sponsor only.

Sponsors can be listed on the front page of the Nine Nines website. This too is optional and at the request of the sponsor only.

Sponsors may choose to end the sponsoring arrangement at any time.

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You can donate via Paypal to reward Loïc Hoguin for his work on open source products including Ranch and Cowboy.